Planetary Themes for the Month of August

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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A positive shift occurs for you on the 2nd when Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius. This can help you let go of any attachments from the past and move in a new direction. It’s time to travel or explore new opportunities and experiences. Taking care of work related tasks through the 12th will help free you the rest of the month. 



You move into a favorable cycle for work, career and finances on the 5th. If there are any obstacles achieving your goals, these can begin to lift after the 12th. Some opportunities or rewards on a larger scale can unfold by the end of the month. Exploring unknown areas can bring you more joy. Step out of your comfort zone. 



Personal relationships are due to heat up for you. Just hold your ground and don’t let the actions of others call all the shots. Your views are equally important. Family and domestic matters will probably demand more of your attention. Any issues can begin to improve after the 12th. Financial opportunities are more plentiful. 



Be prepared for more activity in the work area and your daily routines. This is also a good time for starting a new health and fitness plan. Avoid the tendency for brooding through the 12th. It will do no constructive good. Get better organized and set new goals instead. A new cycle is starting to make some life improvements. 


Leo As Venus leaves your sign on the 5th and enters Virgo, you will probably feel like taking care of business and getting better organized. You may get a reality check when it comes to finances if you have been spending extravagantly. You remain in a positive cycle for fun, romance or adventure. Be willing to explore new areas.



This is a good time for more alone time and creative projects. As Venus enters your sign on the 5th, you move into a favorable cycle for work, career and financial matters. However, through the 12th, there may be some obstacles and challenges getting where you want to go. The floodgates can open up during the second half. 



Your social life can cool down after the 5th.  If your life has been revolving around other people, it’s time to step back and spend more alone time. Avoid the tendency for becoming too self-critical. It’s important to focus on your strengths. An expansion in your belief system is in store. Be willing to think outside the box. 



The focus can shift to finances and ways to increase earnings. This may require more education or expanding your knowledge. This is the time to set new financial goals, including budgets. Your social life can take on more importance after the 12th. You can attract influential people and new opportunities through others. 



As Mars transits your sign through Sept. 26, this is a time to take action and move in the direction of your dreams and new goals. Careful and methodical planning may be required from you through the 24th to accomplish goals. You feel inspired to travel or explore new experiences. Get outdoors and express yourself. 



More alone time or working behind the scenes can do you some good. Research projects are also favorable. You can reap greater financial rewards from your work and expanding your knowledge. After the 12th, bigger opportunities or rewards can unfold. Avoid working too much. Remember to make time for play. 



Personal relationships are highlighted through the 16th.  You can also meet some new and usual types of people. Be willing to dig deeper into the unknown and discover new things. It is also favorable for more self-introspection as long as you don’t become too self-critical. More activity in your social life can be a source of inspiration. 



You may be feeling some dissatisfaction in your career or attaining your goals. Set a new plan of action. Personal relationships and being of service to others is a dominant theme. Remember to keep boundaries. The world doesn’t only revolve around others. Your own needs are important. Spiritual or artistic outlets are favorable.