Letter: Doing what’s due


In your article about the changes in the Malibu Stage Company and its new artistic director, Gene Smith, you neglected to mention that the nationally known, professional theater existed solely due to Charles Marowitz. [“Malibu Stage Co. names new director, changes name,” published March 7]

The magical facility did not spring from fairy dust! Twentythree years ago, it was the vision of Marowitz. It was his foresight and drive that found an abandoned Lutheran church. He designed and rebuilt the interior into an acclaimed 99-seat equity waiver theater. Our performances were professional and every one involved was paid.

We were never in debt. Our building was financed by fund-raisingand community support.

In 2011, as president and interim AD, I was voted off the board of directors at the instigation of board member Rick Johnson, who literally “pirated” the MSC with the idea of producing community theater in the form of a repertory company. It seems his three-year tenure has ended. Now, cleaning house, the new enlarged board has taken on a highly qualified man, Gene Smith, to rebuild Malibu’s theater.

However, to rename the theater a “playhouse” is to lose the luster and reputation of the original MSC. During our many productions, three shows went to New York under the banner of Malibu Stage Co. and were reviewed as such by the New York Times.

The new board and the new AD have stepped into a beautiful, fully equipped theater created by Charles Marowitz.

Jacqueline H Bridgeman, President and cofounder, 1990- 2011, Malibu Stage Company