Letter: Just Vote!

Letter to the Editor

We wanted to reach out to share a dual message on behalf of the AMPS board: 

First, AMPS is not endorsing any particular candidate in the Malibu city council race.

We have seen all too clearly the harm a politicized school board can bring to public education. We will strive to not let that happen in Malibu. We promise that our focus is, and will be, only on giving our community’s children the best, most innovative education we can imagine.  Therefore, AMPS’ involvement in political issues will be confined to those that will affect our children’s education.

Second, we ask you to please vote in the Nov. 8 Malibu City Council election!

There are six candidates running in the Malibu City Council race for three available seats.  Fortunately, all six candidates have expressed strong support of AMPS and an independent, locally controlled Malibu school district. Additionally, in their own ways, most have made important contributions to the AMPS mission over the years. Beyond that, their focus, positions, and skill portfolios create meaningful choices. Please study your choices and make your voice heard!

Just as we understand how fundamental a strong public school system is to a thriving city, we believe a healthy political discourse is essential to creating a great community. Please, join us in proudly practicing our democratic right this November 8th!

Roui Israel, President

Manel Sweetmore, COO

Advocates for Malibu Public Schools