Below the law

Apparently City Attorney Christi Hogin’s unshakable decision to proceed with her campaign irregularities investigation is more contemptible to councilmembers Keller and Van Horn and their supporters, than the fact that laws might have been broken.

Hogin has to sit there and listen to two of Malibu’s elected representatives cross-examine the examiner who is merely trying to do her job, according to the law, despite their vigorous effort to thwart it. She’s repeatedly subjected to ridicule and scorn, rather than encouragement to do her duty. Then, two closed session subjects were discussed in open session for the obvious intent to intimidate and embarrass Ms. Hogin. She was told to cancel her vacation in order to complete the investigation, and she was asked about her contract, which, she said, is month to month. This is Theater of the Absurd in its most preposterous form.

No one is above the law, which includes the individuals who initiate the law; nor should the law be selective when personal advantage is desired. Don’t forget that the next campaign is less than one and one-half years away.

Marlene Matlow

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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