Ill-advised plan


The Malibu General Plan Mission Statement says, in part, “Malibu will maintain its rural character by establishing programs and policies that avoid suburbanization and commercialization of its natural and cultural resources.” I mention this because keeping our city rural depends on zoning laws. A current proposal to study and then erect a 50,000, plus or minus, square foot “Malibu City Hall West” on land immediately north of the PCH and Heathercliff intersection represents a dangerous weakening of the RR5 zoning designation for that land.

RR5 means only one dwelling on five acres of land is permitted. Once we begin to erode these land protections and allow highly dense commercial and governmental complexes to be built with their attending intense auto and pedestrian traffic, exterior lighting, hardscape, electrical, water, waste treatment and all the rest, then the game is over. The green light will have been given to developers and those who desire and profit from high density development in Malibu. Once the tipping point is passed, much like the description in the popular “Inconvenient Truth” movie, there is no turning back. Within a few short years we will resemble Laguna Beach with its horrendous traffic and densely packed housing and there will be the destruction of the rural residential lifestyle that brought us all to Malibu in the first place.

A friend asked me today if I wanted to prevent change in my neighborhood. My reply is, “darn right I am!” Say no to “spot zoning.” Say no to high-density development in areas currently zoned Rural Residential. Think!

Marshall Thompson