Songs of Hope

peo EarthMeetsSkyAlbumCoverBlackTitleWhiteShadow4.jpg

“I was home alone in solitary confinement because of the coronavirus and music and lyrics continued to flow to me throughout 2020,” wrote Malibu resident Brooke Halpin, announcing a new 11-track album that has just been released.

The album, “The Earth Still Meets the Sky,” has received positive reviews from within the music industry including from record producer David Kahne, who said, “It’s a very nice, heartfelt album. At times, the album sounds like a revival, which is a good thing!”

Halpin, well known as a DJ on local radio station KBUU 99.1, (“Come Together With Brooke Halpin and The Beatles”) is an artist in his own right as an author and musician. “The Earth Still Meets the Sky” is his latest offering, available digitally on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.