Exchange of fire


“I’ve read a lot of vicious personal attack letters in our local papers, but Kate Delaney’s wins first prize for not only being the most vicious, but also the most deceptive. After several paragraphs of political diatribe aimed at Stern and Barovsky for standing up and doing the right thing (by the way, they never attacked their commissioners and they did ask for quiet resignations), Ms. Delaney then goes on to personally attack Ms. Goudzwaard by implying she is not a citizen. Well, Ms. Delaney, Ms. Goudzwaard is a citizen. She is also a registered voter. She has served her community by being elected president of her neighborhood homeowners’ association; she served four years as a Public Safety Commissioner and presently serving as a Public Works Commissioner. You, Ms. Delaney, are not even on the registered voter list. In fact, no one has ever heard of you. So I must assume yours is either a fictitious name or you have never done much in Malibu except write nasty letters intended more to incite than inform.

Finally, The Malibu Times should check to make sure the authors of these despicable letters are in fact real people, and not just hired guns who take aim at our elected officials.

Pamela Shatsky