Leave room for lions


In the 1980’s and 1990’s there was an international group of people who went around and gave certain people a pie in the face! I wish I knew where they were today! This would be a non-violent way of dealing with a lot of people who may be still waiting on the “enlightenment A” line. Such as, being enlightened to the fact that children are the future of this nation and that the elderly “have done their job” and that disabled citizens need certain considerations. Pie in the face, Governor Aaarnold, for your supposed budget cuts of the above mentioned!

Another pie in the face to Anne Hoffman who might consider that the wildlife inhabited the Santa Monica mountains way before the masses who inhabit them today! There is information available about wildlife attacks on humans which I think all concerned should review. Interesting to me was how these incidents seem to have increased since the heavy development in the past 10 plus years. Perhaps there’s a message here! Did it ever occur to Ms. Hoffman that the developers have a lot to do with the displacement of wildlife? Do the developers think about the burrows and nests, insect dwellings, etc. that will be destroyed as more and more development sprawls across every empty area. In this eco-system it seems arrogant to think one life is more valuable then another! Life is middle path. We can’t

stop building. In fact some development is necessary. However, we need thoughtful development, with enough room for all – the wildlife included!

Hmmmm I think I’ll whip up some nice creamy pies

Alessandra DeClario