Letter: Boggles the Mind

Letter to the Editor

A few weeks ago, I wrote asking readers to contact Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s office to request he introduce legislation that will increase the number of lives saved through living organ and bone marrow donation by requiring all California Public Employers be subject to California Labor Code section 1510. Instead of being responsive to the many Californians who contacted his office by introducing a bill changing a few words in California Labor Code section 1510 to protect California public employees who generously donate needed organs and bone marrow that save lives, Assemblyman Bloom decided to use his time and political capital this legislative session to write and introduce a 565-word house resolution (HR-74) bemoaning the LA Dodgers’ 2017 World Series loss to the Houston Astros. Furthermore, Assemblyman Bloom reintroduced a bill regarding the licensing of canine blood banks. Now I like baseball and dogs as much as the next person, but I think Mr. Bloom can fit another bill in his legislative portfolio in support of saving human lives.

Mr. Bloom, I ask you to respond to my lifesaving bill proposal in these pages. Your constituents have to decide how they will cast their votes in your re-election bid this year. We all want to know what you value and how you will express those values through your legislative priorities. 

Melinda McCauley Gwyn