Business Corner: Dr. Armaiti May, Veterinarian in Malibu

Armaiti May

At Dr. Armaiti May’s Veterinary House Calls in Malibu, she believes that regular checkups and wellness exams are critical to your pet’s well-being. Dr. May is a dog and cat veterinarian currently practicing in Malibu and the west Los Angeles area. She offers a variety of services from dental care, spay and neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, wellness exams and nutritional counseling. 

As a veterinarian and animal advocate, she aims to provide compassionate, competent care to patients and quality service to her clients. As a house call veterinarian for dogs and cats, her physical examinations take place in the clients’ homes to provide a convenience to the pet guardian as well as a relaxed experience for the animal. With this, she is able to do a complete physical examination and consultation, blood tests and analysis of medical conditions. 

Dr. May manages emergency cases such as traumatic injuries and toxin exposures. Surgeries she has performed include routine surgeries, spay castrations and mass removals. In addition to being a strong advocate for spay and neutering, all of her surgery patients receive pre and post operative analgesics and minor wound treatment. 

To request an appointment, a form can be completed online and a staff member will confirm by phone. Availability will vary depending on request. Twenty-minute consultations will be available for $25 or $50 to receive a records review with Dr. May. For more information, call 310.614.3530 or visit