Ocean clean water


Times writer Jonathan Friedman tells us that Baykeeper head Tom Ford refers to “Malibu’s serious water quality problems.” Malibu’s water is supplied by the Los Angeles County Water Works, District 29. I have never found a problem with their water quality, although I do feed my icemaker through a reverse osmosis filter because cocktails are never better than their ice. As for wastewater, wastewater from our septic system’s leach field is absorbed by the earth, which is a great filter. It removes and stores the nutrients as fertilizer for the earth’s plant life and the fresh water supplies springs, underground reservoirs and the ocean. Hence the phrases “ sweet as spring water or “ fresh as ocean spray.” The oceans are the earth’s self-cleaning septic system and have been doing a good job for billions of years. Imagine the smelly cesspools the oceans would be by now if they didn’t self-clean.

Jack Singleton