Planetary Themes for the Month of November

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


It’s about work, getting better organized and accomplishing tasks through the 12th. Health matters can also be a primary focus. After the 12th, personal relationships and your social life take on more importance. There is the opportunity for travel, improving relationships and meeting new people through the 24th. 


You remain in a positive cycle for accomplishing goals and more material success through the 7th. After the 8th, this is a time for attaining more balance in your daily affairs. Relationships or partnerships are highlighted and can improve through the 13th. You may feel burdened with added responsibilities until the 20th. 


You move more into the emotional realm after the 2nd of the month. You are in a favorable cycle for problem solving and attracting support or resources from others through the 10th. After the 12th, family- or domestic-related issues can begin to shift. It’s a time to focus more on your love life and creative, artistic expression. 


There are work- or career-related opportunities through the 12th. You can also attract more support from others. Now is the time to make some life improvements and get better connected to your inner needs. After the 12th, some changes are likely in your domestic situation. You can also be juggling many balls. 


The focus is on earnings, work and making the best use of your talents or abilities through the 12th. There may be some family or domestic situations that you need to confront. Hold your ground. After the 12th, you move into the flow for better communications. Your social life and personal relationships become more of a priority. 


You are in a strong cycle for attracting the things you want, accomplishing goals and getting the job done. Others are drawn to your magnetism through the 12th. This is also a good month to problem solve and resolve any issues through the 20th. After the 20th, you probably feel like working less and are ready for more freedom.


This is an ideal time to do an inner house cleaning through the 12th. Examine your inner needs and issues. After the 12th, a new cycle begins for you. Boldly move forward in a new direction as the tide begins to flow your way. A balance will also need to be reached between your relationships and your need for independence. 


Networking and interacting socially with groups is highlighted through the 12th. New career- or business-related opportunities can open up for you through your connections with the right people. After the 12th, this is an ideal time to spend more time alone and on inner exploration. Your relationship with yourself can improve.


If you have been feeling burdened with too many work- or career-related tasks and responsibilities, this can begin to ease after the 12th. After the 12th, you move into a period for attracting new friends and expanding your social network. Others are drawn to your enthusiasm, humor, knowledge and the wisdom you have to share. 


You remain in a favorable period for accomplishing goals and manifesting more material success from your hard work through the 12th. A balance will need to be reached between your work, relationships and family matters during the second half of the month. Seek social interactions. Your popularity is on the rise until the 22nd.


A closer examination of finances and spending habits is a good idea. You can discover new and better ways to use your resources. After the 12th, it’s time to move forward with new goals and plans that may require more learning or higher education. Relationships become more important. Seek to expand your social life. 


There is a vulnerability in your personal relationships. Hold your ground. You may feel that others are taking more than they give. You can connect on a deeper emotional and spiritual level through the 22nd. During the last week of the month, remain organized and practical about any important decisions you have to make.