Malibu’s "Jewish Mr. Rogers"

Andrew C. Germain

History will be made on Sept. 10 with the broadcast of the first Jewish national television channel by Jewish Life Television in New York City. Its all-Judaic programming will include preschool program,”KooKooReeKoo” (cock-a-doodle-doo), a “Sesame Street meets Blues Clues style preschool series” that teaches Hebrew letters, words, numbers and colors as well as Jewish culture, holidays and heroes.

The show’s host and music composer, Andrew C. Germain, lives in Malibu Canyon and attends Shabbat services with Rabbi Judith HaLevy at the Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue. Having worked privately with the children of Jane Seymour, Paul Resier and Kenny G., Germain’s series of educational children’s music CDs are available at Malibu public library, for which he is also planning a free children’s music performance.

Germain, who also has a non-profit foundation called “The Life-Skills Music Institute,” said, “I’ve tried moving away from the Malibu area several times for both work and family. It never takes. I always move back.”