Plastics must go


If there is one big headache that needs to be fixed, it is the proliferation of plastic bags throughout Malibu on our beaches, beside the highway and in the trees. It appears this is being studied to death when there are obvious serious consequences with the annual use of six billion plastic bags in Los Angeles to the marine life especially turtles, which I rescue from the beaches.

There have been enough studies, so if I am elected to City Council, I will immediately ask the Council to ban plastic bags and plastic food containers in Malibu. The staff was directed to investigate this in October. However, we have no time to waste as summer is around the corner, and that’s when the bags proliferate.

Ralphs already gives a 5 cent refund for every reusable bag a customer brings in when shopping. I use Chico bags, which fold into a tiny easily carried bag for a pocket or purse.

Susan Tellem