Park priorities


I would like to remind Parks and Recreation Commissioners O’Brien and Slattery and Mayor Pamela Conley Ulich that regarding the Trancas Community Park there are lots of people in Malibu besides boys who play ball. (The ratio of boys to girls, on these teams, is 10 to 1.) They should listen to the input of the people and not bully us with their own agendas. I think it is obvious that ball fields also cost a lot more money and use a lot more land, chemicals and manpower to keep up and would bring a lot of noisy traffic and unsafe conditions into this residential neighborhood with not a lot of parking.

There are girls and yes, even boys, who do not play ball. Young and old of both sexes have stated over and over that the park plan they would like to see at Trancas Park would have open playing fields, a tot lot, dog park, trails and 1/2 basketball court, more of a sanctuary type setting. Not organized sports mostly just for boys!

I live in west Malibu and can tell you that on weekends the drive to the new Los Flores Park can take over an hour. The public is not allowed on school property during school days and they are locked out on weekends.

I remember over 25 years ago signing a petition for a dog park at Trancas. We really need an Environmental Impact Report approved and Trancas Park built for the majority of people who have worked long and hard for a tranquil preserve on this end of town.

Valerie Sklarevsky