Letter: We Need Some Logic…

Letter to the Editor

…And I found some in a Dec. 2 letter to the editor of The Malibu Times written by C.M.

I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote him.

He said “I am a fan of free speech and an even bigger fan of foolish speech…”

That implied to me that we should all be appreciative of every individual’s right to their own thoughts and opinions, whether or not they differ with ours.

I have never been a political thinker, have voted for both Democratic and Republican party candidates, and don’t even know what my parents leaned towards (although they were probably Democrats as they admired F.D.R.), but I have always been a lover of my country and what I understand to be a bipartisan in it.

That’s why I can’t feel a bit good as to the lack of logic that is going on here today—the flag burnings, the lootings, the destruction of property, the school annihilations, the hatred and the disrespect toward our leaders, the cancel culture if you are in the wrong line, the bigotry and the racism claims toward those who don’t share our mindset—so much illogical thinking when the truth is right there to hit you in the brain.

We can’t blame it all on COVID.

It is not at all fair to make fun of Mr. Biden who is trying his hardest to wrestle and perhaps outwit the oncoming of senility—perhaps “Dr. Jill” should have dissuaded him from running. It’s hard to understand the intense hatred for Mr. Trump, a businessman, because he might not have been very presidential.

All of this hostility toward both our leaders and our friends just does not seem logical to me.

So, before we get into any accusatory line of dialogue, why not apply a bit of logic to our thinking.

This is an excerpt from a longer letter, which can be read in full at malibutimes.com.

Hermine Hilton