Letter: Trump’s Treason

Letter to the Editor

As Vice President of the Malibu Democratic Club, I must respond to the letter in last week’s The Malibu Times of one “Ken G.” urging that we “get over” the election of Donald Trump (or “Trumputin,” as I call him), and accept him as our president. 

No, Kenny boy, I won’t and can’t. Trumputin won the election with the help of Vladimir Putin and the Russian thugs who corrupted our democracy, and stole the election in a concerted plan to do so — with the active help of Trumputin and his flunkies Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone. 

The quid pro quo? Trump would tone down his criticism of Putin and the Russian takeover of the Crimea and invasion of Eastern Ukraine — as reflected in their public comments regarding Russia and the watering down of the platform criticizing Russia at the Republican National Convention last July. 

There is a name for this, “treason,” and it is a “high crime and misdemeanor” and an impeachable offense. President Trumputin, you are going down, and I will do everything in my power over the next four (or less) years to make sure you do. 

Ted Vaill