Letter: Let’s Begin Now

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Letter: Get over it,” published on Feb. 16.

I believe that many liberals, like myself, would like nothing better than to support and respect our new Republican president, in hopes that he would try to help unify and heal our deeply divided country. Sadly, that has not been the case. However, I agree with you, Ken — enough already. 

I, for one, will not keep complaining and whining about Trump. But, that does not mean that I can come to terms with his presidency. I refuse to get used to his constant dishonesty. How can anyone with half a brain accept and respect his almost daily, blatant lies with no basis whatsoever? My favorite: Three to five million illegal votes cost him the popular vote. Not to mention his lack of respect for our judiciary system — the “so-called judges” and our “fake news” media are “the enemies” of the American people. 

Furthermore, he is the first president in four decades to not release his tax returns — and we are supposed to accept that he is not hiding anything? And, last but not least, the very troubling conflict of interest that the Trump administration is creating, by blurring the separation of his family business and that of the government. The list goes on.

To conclude, I reiterate Ken G.’s message: Liberals and progressives, stop complaining and whining about Trump. Instead, let’s start working together to win the next election.

Sandra Kornuc