16 city employees receive $100K-plus in compensation for 2009


With the ongoing employee salary scandal in the City of Bell, municipal government compensation is the topic du jour throughout California. State Controller John Chiang on Monday simplified the process to get information on local government salaries with the establishment of a Web site that reveals last year’s compensation for employees in most California cities, including Malibu. The cities are responsible for providing the information to the State Controller’s Office.

Twelve Malibu employees earned six-figure salaries in 2009, according to the Web site. That total increases to 16 when one includes total compensation with retirement and health benefits. The Web site does not reveal the names of the employees, but with many titles in Malibu being held by just one employee, including all department or division head positions, it was possible to identify Malibu city employees by name.

City manager Jim Thorsen was the city’s top earner last year at $195,715 ($232,592 with retirement and health benefits). Next on the list is Vic Peterson, who heads the Environmental and Community Development (ECD) Department and serves as the building official. He received $166,076 ($185,887 with retirement and health benefits).

Others in the six-figure club are Assistant City Manager Reva Feldman ($160,601 salary, $185,693 total), Public Works Director Bob Brager ($152,231 salary, $180,460 total), Parks and Recreation Director Bob Stallings ($130,868 salary, $154,208 total), Environmental Services Manager and Deputy Building Official Craig George ($120,557 salary, $135,627 total), Deputy City Engineer Robert DuBoux ($118,473 salary, $133,628 total), Public Works Superintendent Richard Calvin ($113,291 salary, $133,677 total), Environmental Health Specialist Andrew Sheldon ($104,973 salary, $128,082 total), Information Systems Administrator Mario Reyna ($103,630 salary, $125,486 total), Finance/Accounting Manager Ruth Piyaman ($103,048 salary, $117,175 total), City Clerk Lisa Pope ($101,841 salary, $126,847 total), Principal Planner Stefanie Edmondson ($99,818 salary, $119,167 total), Recreation Manager Amy Crittenden ($94,382 salary, $113,484 total), Environmental Program Coordinator Jennifer Voccola ($88,535 salary, $101,346 total), and Patricia Salazara, senior administrative analyst for the ECD Department Patricia Salazar ($84,596 salary, $102,910 total).

Planning Manager Joyce Parker-Bozylinski is not included on this list because she did not begin her job until January of this year. Feldman, who is also head of administrative services, said Parker-Bozylinski’s annual salary is $121,000. She said she did not have her benefits information available at the time of the interview.

City Council members received $6,788, plus health benefits. Council members chose different amounts of health packages ranging from a cost to the city of $214 to $14,799. It is not clear who took which options. Feldman could not be reached for comment regarding this issue.

City Attorney Christi Hogin is not included on this list because she is technically not a city employee. The law firm operated by she and her husband Michael Jenkins, Jenkins & Hogin, has a contract with the city. Lawsuit-prone Malibu spent $1.03 million on legal services for the 2009-10 fiscal year. The Malibu Times will provide a breakdown of that cost and more information on how the legal service contract functions next month. Look for further stories on Malibu salaries, including how this city compares to others, next month as well.

Top city employee money earners

The following list is of Malibu employees who were compensated with $100,000 or more (salary, plus retirement and health benefits) in 2009 according to information from the city submitted to the State Controller’s Office.

City Manager Jim Thorsen: Salary Only – $195,715; Total income* – $232,592

Environmental and Community Development Director Vic Peterson: Salary Only – $166,076: Total income* – $185,887

Assistant City Manager Reva Feldman: Salary Only – $160,601; Total income* – $185,693

Public Works Director Bob Brager: Salary Only – $152,231; Total income* – $180,460

Parks and Recreation Director Bob Stallings: Salary Only – $130,868; Total income* – $154,208

Environmental Services Manager and Deputy Building Official Craig George: Salary Only – $120,557; Total income* – $135,627

Deputy City Engineer Robert DuBoux: Salary Only – $118,473; Total income* – $133,628

Public Works Superintendent Richard Calvin: Salary Only – $113,291; Total income* – $133,677

Environmental Health Specialist Andrew Sheldon: $104,937; Total income* – $128,082

Information Systems Administrator Mario Reyna: Salary Only – $103,630; Total income* – $125,486

Finance/Accounting Manager Ruth Piyaman: Salary Only – $103,048; Total income* – $117,175

City Clerk Lisa Pope: Salary Only – $101,841; Total income* – $126,847

Principal Planner Stefanie Edmondson: Salary Only – $99,818; Total income* – $119,167

Recreation Manager Amy Crittenden: Salary Only – $94,382; Total income* – $113,484

Environmental Program Coordinator Jennifer Voccola: Salary Only – $88,535; Total income* – $101,346

ECD Department Senior Administrative Analyst Patricia Salazar: Salary Only – $84,596; Total income* – $102,910

*Including benefits