Letter: Deadly Mismanagement

Letter in response to “In response” published Aug. 27

In the words of a President I’m sure you admire, well, there you go again. 

You make fictitious arguments about what Joe Biden would do to manage the coronavirus epidemic as if he were president. Well, the fact is he is not president, Donald Trump is. 

However, for the record, the Obama and Biden administration kept the Ebola virus in check, contrary to your fictitious account. Facts: In the U.S., one Liberian national died; two nurses who cared for this person contracted Ebola and one physician contracted the disease after traveling to West Africa and all lived. 

Mr. Weisdorn, President Obama and Vice President Biden effectively managed Ebola by preparing and listening to experts and, because of this cohesive effort, the U.S. was spared a deadly epidemic.

Fast forward to coronavirus and Mr. Trump’s management:


Jan. 20: First U.S. case of coronavirus in Washington state.

“We do have a plan”

Jan. 22: 1 case confirmed in U.S. 

“We have it under control”

Jan. 31: 8 cases confirmed in U.S. 

“Virus hopefully becomes weaker with warmer weather, and then gone”

Feb. 27: 60 confirmed cases in U.S. 

Virus will “disappear” “like a miracle”

Feb 29:

Trump declares that Coronavirus is a hoax at a rally in Charleston N.C. 

Feb. 29: 74 confirmed cases in U.S. 

First coronavirus death in the U.S. 

March 13: 2,700 confirmed cases in U.S. 

Declares national emergency

March 24: 65,800 confirmed cases in U.S.  

Wants country “raring to go by Easter” 

April 3: 273,880 confirmed cases in U.S. 

Trump stands by past comments that virus will “go away”

April 24: Trump says that injecting bleach could cure coronavirus 

Hydroxychloroquine advocacy which proves untrue, multiple dates 

Fast forward to Aug. 28:

U.S.: 5,900,000 cases 

U.S.: deaths 181,800

Global cases: 24,000,000

Global deaths: 821,000

U.S.: Four percent of global population, 25 percent of the world’s cases, 22 percent of the world’s deaths and counting. And 40,000,000 jobs lost with a president who inherited an already robust and growing economy from presidents Bush and Obama, which Trump now has wrecked with his incompetent management of the epidemic. 

Mr. Weisdorn, nothing you say can deflect from this disaster. It is part and parcel for this horrid man who creates chaos and division in our great country. As Rick Wallace has said in this paper, there is a Trump derangement syndrome, and he is correct. Trump is deranged. 

Matt Borenzweig

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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