Letter: Prayers

Letter to the Editor

Crude oil has been stored in every storage area in the world to keep prices high. (They are now all filled.) Also, many containerships are now supposedly storing the excess oil that otherwise would be on the world crude oil market. 

With Iran’s new international “legitimacy,” Iranian oil will also be a part of world oil markets. Eventually this may well lead to a complete collapse in the price of oil.

Ezekiel Chapter 38 and Chapter 39 foretells of “Gog and Magog” (this appears to be the nations of Russia and Iran) attacking Israel. Israel then (with super national protection) supposedly beats them back past Moscow to Siberia.

The Holy Bible is never incorrect — those that go against Israel are cursed for up to five generations. We are simply watching the nations gather and surrounding Israel — again fulfilling prophecy — to then be completely destroyed by God. Sadly, it would appear that Israel is being set up by the world to be blamed should she again defend herself. Incredibly, today, so many nations are more aligned with Adolph Hitler’s horrific thinking than was the case only 20 years ago.

Tiny, brilliant Israel has more companies listed on the NASDAQ than even China.

Pray for peace, that all religions will live together in harmony. And, by the way, please pray to God for rain. Ask and you shall receive … (It will then, of course, rain.)

Morten Wengler