Letter: Happy News

Letter to the Editor

I was very happy about the news that Malibu Towing is returning to our city. Adail Gayhart, the owner of the company, deserves all the credit for Malibu’s reputation through his service and commitment to the city. We lost a similar business some time ago, the original Malibu Lumber. Adail came to the aid of our annual Keep Christ in Christmas (KCIC) nativity program. The program had to rent forklifts, flatbed trucks and operators. This became too costly to maintain the beautiful nativity scene on Pacific Coast Highway and Webb Way. Longtime resident John Oak got the idea to donate a trailer to move the structure back and forth to storage, eliminating the subcontractors. The trailer needed a lot of work and fabrication. Malibu Towing came to rescue, full gratis. The towing business is a rough and tough, somehow Adail has kept a big heart. Thanks to people like Adail and our current president Mary Motely, the program continues on.

Bob Sutton