Malibu Local Releases Children’s Book

Stefani Sherwin with her children’s book “Noodle and Nugget: A Tale of Two Kitties”

Longtime Malibu resident Stefani Sherwin recently released her children’s book, “Noodle and Nugget: A Tale of Two Kitties.” Geared toward children ages four through eight, the book shares the fictional story of the adventures of two kittens who find each other and end up bringing love to their respective humans. 

Sherwin is an active animal rescue activist and primarily works with cats, which sparked her inspiration to write “Noodle and Nugget.” She says a sequel is in the works, based on a positive response to the first installment.

“I had someone tell me that the book reminded her of ‘Lady and the Tramp,’ kitty style,” Sherwin said. “I loved the comparison and realized it rang true.”