Letter: Earth Hour

Letter to the Editor

The Malibu Community Alliance (MCA) would like to encourage all Malibu residents to mark Saturday, March 28 on their calendars and join the millions around the world who will turn off their lights between 8:30 and 9:30 that evening to celebrate Earth Hour.

Earth Hour started in 2007 as a local lights-off event. Today it touches more than 162 countries and territories worldwide, including the City of Malibu, who has been an annual supporter. The event’s overriding theme is that at one time we all lived in harmony with nature and the planet and maybe the planet would better off if we occasionally took some time to get back in touch. The MCA agrees.

Looking ahead, your participation in this dark sky event and the experience you gain will be an invaluable asset in helping Malibu as we start to develop our own dark sky programs. In the upcoming months, Malibu will roll out the first draft of its “Model Lighting Ordinance,” a nighttime lighting philosophy designed to protect Malibu’s dark skies, and the City will be asking residents from all parts of Malibu to weigh in to make sure we get it right. The “Model Lighting Ordinance” is a project sponsored by the Malibu Community Alliance, endorsed by the International Dark Sky Association and supported with funding from our City Council. 

So on Saturday, turn off your lights, grab a glass of wine and go out back and enjoy a clear view of Malibu’s magnificent nighttime skies.

Steve Uhring