Poles don’t tell story


    As a Malibu West resident, I was shocked and dismayed to see story poles for the Malibu Bay Company development agreement going up around Trancas. While I’m glad that story poles are being erected so that my neighbors can see what it being proposed, it would be better if the story poles were accurate.

    In the small ocean view from my house will be two 6,000-plus square-foot homes but only one home is indicated by the poles. On the open field along Trancas Canyon road, there are to be 15 homes/estates, all approved for 18 feet high, yet the current poles do not adequately depict this! As a matter of fact there are only about four small poles on that entire lot. And on the How’s Market/Starbucks corner, there are random poles that in no way truly indicate the extent of the much larger (twice the square footage) size and dimensions of the commercial buildings.

    How can our city allow the Malibu Bay Company to not conform to the pole requirements that private residential builders are obligated to do? How can our community realistically understand the impact of the commercial development agreement from photos and pretty site models? Please show us just how big and where the buildings are located and then we can decide for ourselves whether it is acceptable.

    Carla Lejade