Foolhardy decision


I cannot express how shocked I was to read that the Trancas Canyon nursery has been ordered by developers to vacate their location cherished by all in the community, and I urge the Malibu community to join with our group to allow the Trancas Canyon Nursery to continue to grace this shopping area.

Let us not underestimate what this nursery represents to our Trancas community. It is a showcase of plants that thrive in our very particular Trancas coastal community. All of us who live in this area have landscaped our gardens, planted our orchards, and established our vegetable gardens based on the expertise offered by the longtime employees whose knowledge of our micro-climate is priceless.

For the Malibu community, the intention to rid the community of this priceless resource is as calculating and callous as if the developers were to order all the California oak trees to be eradicated from our neighborhood. As a business strategy, it would be one of the most foolish tactics you could use. Quite simply put, you are immediately galvanizing the entire community against your shopping center before you have even started. Needless to say, I can vouch for a large group that vow to never patronize this shopping center unless the Trancas Canyon Nursery remains.

On the other hand, imagine the loyalty that the Developers will gain if they were to allow Trancas Canyon Nursery to remain. Why not capitalize on the beautiful environment they have created, incorporating the nursery into the design of the new shopping center? A seating area adjacent to the Trancas Canyon Nursery would create an environment where locals as well as visitors would be enticed to linger, creating a neighborhood center that we would all patronize.

I look forward to reading soon that the developers have extended their lease, allowing our Malibu community to continue to patronize their well-known establishment and to anticipate with delight the new Trancas Mart.

Bibi Jordan