Pet care put down


This past week, the Malibu Bay Company exhibited two very telling business traits, greed and mean-spiritedness, when it served eviction papers on the Malibu Animal Hospital and The Canine Connection, this apparently after having first doubled their rents. Anyone who lives in town and who has had a pet that was ever sick or injured has no doubt experienced the care and kindness of the doctors and staff of the Malibu Animal Hospital. Their level of dedication, compassion and expertise is truly amazing and a wonderful, life-saving gift to the people and animals of this town.

The Malibu Bay Company is attempting to throw that priceless gift away like a piece of trash, so that they can make some more money. Obviously Mr. Perenchio doesn’t have enough money yet and isn’t too concerned about what happens to a sick dog or an injured cat or the nice people who try and help those animals and also need to make a living for their families. None of them are getting rich, none of them own personal jets or private golf courses but they work hard and provide a needed, humanitarian service.

I would like to suggest that every animal lover in this town, every dog and cat owner, anyone who has ever loved or been loved by a pet, finds a way to reach Mr. Perenchio and the Malibu Bay Company and let them know what a terrible thing they are doing to the people and the animals of this town. And I would respectfully ask our town leaders to request that the Malibu Bay Company remove the word Malibu from its title because using it implies that they are a member of the Malibu community and they are not. They are trying to snuff out the life of something very decent and very important to our town, the Malibu Animal Hospital, a true member of this community and a member that deserves to live on.

Brian Scully