PARCS proceeds with needs assessment

The community group known as PARCS plans to starting passing out its needs assessment to recreational interests in Malibu by the end of this week. According to Kristin Reynolds, president of PARCS (People Achieving Recreation and Community Service), the first step is approval by a 10-member board expected Wednesday night and then the handout begins. “We’re out lobbying for these special interest groups, and in order to do that we need to speak from their voice and point of view, not our own.” Reynolds said distribution of the PARCS needs assessment will include Malibu Little League, senior citizens, Malibu Community Center and the American Youth Soccer Organization, among others.

Reynolds is aware that the city is preparing a master plan in the next few month that will also focus on parks and recreation needs; however, she sees no duplication of effort between the two intentions. In fact, Reynolds’ group will take the results of its assessment to the city once the results are returned, which she says will be before March. “Between now and then, we need facts on what the current conditions and needs of this community are,” Reynolds said. “In order to know the character of each organization, we need to know how they’re functioning, where they are, what their composition is and what their future needs will be.”

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