Malibu Realtors name new board, honor their pioneers


Three pioneers in Malibu real estate were honored last week by the Malibu Board of Realtors at the organization’s installation dinner. Receiving a 1999 Director’s Award, traditionally bestowed upon a member of the association who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of the real estate community, were Louis T. Busch, Jerry Pritchett and Charles Willson.

Busch was born in Santa Monica. After serving in the Navy, he moved to Malibu in 1946 to begin his career in the real estate business. By 1950 he was elected to serve as president of the Malibu Board of Realtors.

“Regardless of the day of the week, you can see this recipient’s car parked outside his office proudly displaying the American Flag,” said the board’s President-Elect Beverly Taki in her presentation speech. “He welcomes people with a cup of Starbucks coffee to visit his office. Nearly everyday someone stops by to seek his advice and perspective regarding Malibu real estate idiosyncrasies and to reflect back on the history of Malibu. The slogan that his office boasts is “We Know the Malibu,” and this truly applies to this award winner. He knows not only the roads, the curves, the hidden parcels of paradise in Malibu, he knows the people who live here, because he has lived here over 50 years!”

Pritchett began his real estate career in 1947 in Westwood after serving as a fighter pilot in World War II. He moved to Malibu in the early ’60s and began his own company in the back room of his Broad Beach home. He served as president of the association in 1971. He is the head of a Realtor family, his son served as board president in 1978. Pritchett served for many years as a state director, and in the early ’70s, he was a leader in organizing the Malibu Multiple Listing service.

“When our association lost a substantial amount of income due to changes in the multiple listing service, he generously offered us prime office space in his commercial building that he had built in 1978 on Pacific Coast Highway, keeping us visible to our members at a very affordable rate. His generosity contributed to keeping us financially stable,” said Taki.

Willson has been the owner/broker of his own company for 34 years, also serving as the charter president of the Malibu Rotary Club. “This Realtor devoted 52 years to this industry and I am pleased to say that he is now able to enjoy life at the beach while his prominent family members carry on his legend,” Taki said.

“This recipient hosts a Holiday Party every year, the third Friday of December. It’s a legendary event. He generously invites the entire real estate community to share in this holiday cheer. There is one thing that comes to my mind when I hear this Realtor’s name. It’s his Thursday Broker Caravan that always says ‘Big Lunch.’ Since Realtors are known to be hungry, they can expect to be well fed if they visit his listing on caravan day.”

The Year 2000 Board of Directors of the Malibu Association of Realtors are: Terry Lucoff — president; Beverly Taki — president-elect; Kathryn Yarnell — vice president; Ani Dermenjian — secretary/treasurer; Casey Kelley — past president; and Judy Van Schoyck, Paul Randall, Viki Darbonne, Wendy Jensen, Diane Everett, Bill Mason, Lea Johnson, Paul Grisanti, Lee LaPlante, Karen Dannebaum.