Letter: Wonderland woes

Letter to the Editor

Alice peered Through the Looking Glass and beheld a most puzzling and nonsensical scene. A majority of the City Council, led by ring leader Jabberwock Joan House, appears to have been covertly scheming up a land swap for some time now (out of the public view shed) that would allow the Santa Mountains Conservancy czar, Jabberwock Joe Edmiston, to control Charmlee Park, a dangerous scheme that includes overnight camping.

Alice is confused by this reckless and dangerous nonsense she is witnessing.

After all, wasn’t it on Dec., 5, 2007, that this very council held a special meeting, voting 5 to 0 to ask the California Coastal Commission to certify an amendment to the city’s LCP that would prohibit overnight camping in Malibu parks?

Council members, after the 2007 vote, said that they were influenced by the fears of residents, who had endured three devastating wildfires that year. To make the present scene even more surreal, Jabberwock city attorney Hogan chooses to diminish and minimize the Malibu Town Council’s opposition to this dangerous scheme with insulting condescension, all nonsense verbiage indeed!

Aside from the fire risk, why would the city council allow Malibu’s crown jewel, Charmlee Park, to fall into the hands of Jabberwock Edmiston, who has proven he can be bought? Lest we forget his outrageous about-face regarding the Evansville (Edge) housing project on Sweetwater Mesa, Jabberwock Edmiston, of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, willing to sacrifice the pristine natural environment on that mesa, rescinded his opposition to the Edge project in exchange for one million dollars. Talk about an oxymoron. Money talks with this Jabberwock. Beware!

Malibu is watching the City Council. Indeed the high intensity lighting that they are so enamored with must be turned up on them.

Pamela Campbell