Take stand on campsites


I wonder if the present Council members have ever reviewed the adopted Council Policies. There is #15 that states welfare of the city’s residents shall always be primary over special or group interests. One of my favorites is # 23, “Protection of Home Rule and the Right of Self Determination.” Also, have they seen the City Web site under the heading of City Council/Commissions? It states “As elected officials, the City Councilmembers represent the citizens of Malibu in the governing process and act on their behalf with regards to regional and local issues as well as state and federal legislation.”

I must remind them, as former co-chair of the Incorporation Committee and first mayor, that this is what Cityhood was all about. The Council had the guts to sue the County Board of Supervisors to stop their attempt to sewer Malibu. The situation then is no different than now. We could have said that we have no choice but to go along, as the present Council claims, but we stood firm.

If this Council majority approves overnight camping in the mountains above our homes and in the City-owned Charmlee Wilderness Park, they will have dishonored their office and the intent and purpose of Cityhood.

Walt Keller