Article invades privacy of students, families


    In the May issue of Los Angeles Magazine was an article about Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School. It discussed the budget crisis in the school district that had just been averted and attempted to explain some of the history of our school and how the crisis might affect us. Unfortunately, there were a number of inaccuracies in the article (i.e. that we were about to lose our physical education program, that the children living in the “nearby Colony” attend our school), as well as information about some of our students and their families that should never have been published.

    The most disturbing part of this article was that the author named some of the “Hollywood elite” whose children attend our school. We feel that this was an invasion of everyones’ privacy, especially the families concerned. In this day and age, this action was inappropriate and dangerous. The safety and well being of our children is one of our most important priorities. They and their families must be able to feel safe and secure at school, free from a journalist’s or a stranger’s prying eyes. We expect this to never happen again.

    We would also like to comment on the tenor of the article. We are blessed in this community to have four wonderful Malibu public schools for our children to attend. Each of the three elementary schools is academically rigorous and performs at the top in standardized tests. Point Dume Marine Science is proud to be a part of this school district. We are concerned about the implication in this article that we are somehow above the other schools. This is simply not true.

    Ms. Cynthia Gray, Principal

    Site Governance Council

    The Point Dume Marine Science PTA Executive Board