Better officials needed

It was with no little interest and amazement that I read Mayor Tom Hasse’s response to criticisms in the June 8 edition of The Malibu Times.

I imagine a number of people have received traffic tickets for one thing or another; however, Hasse’s record is something else. He drove with a suspended license; he missed court dates and he drove without insurance (apparently there were emergencies and he borrowed a car–he could have taken a cab). Hasse’s record defines him not as a responsible adult but, in my opinion, his record and responses define him as an irresponsible arrogant teenager.

I don’t know what Hasse has done to earn a living, but I get theimpression that he has never earned enough to pay for traffic tickets, or pay to have his ’88 Mustang brought up to standards to pass a smog test.

I believe I read in another publication that he borrowed the money to pay his fines. I wonder how he will repay the loan.

All of the above doesn’t make him a bad person, but I question his judgment and maturity.

But there is a larger issue. Why do we elect people like this to public office?

In Malibu we have been blessed/cursed with elected officials who for the most part have little understanding of what management is about. In looking back at our history as a city, just what has been accomplished by our elected officials. We have lost a number of law suits but what services have been added or provided?

I don’t get it.

Robert L. Fox

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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