Margery darling …(my wife)


For Margery Specht on the death of her mother, Rose, by her husband Alan Specht

Once again I have seen your outstanding human qualities. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed again the depths of your devotion and your capacity for unselfishness. You did everything humanly possible to have your Mother feel loved and admired. Her comfort and care were all that mattered and you still found time to concern yourself with me. No one could have helped her more.

No child has ever felt more love for a parent and the child that does is a very fortunate child to have the ability to feel that love deeply. Mom was a very special Mother to you to earn your devotion.

Your visits and phone calls were the single most important highlights of a day for a person as ill as your Mother. You made her forget for a while how badly she felt and gave her something to actually look forward to. You were the source of light, laughter and daily news of your life in the weakened state she was in. Mom was glad to go, thank God she had you ’til the end.

It’s very comforting to know that my partner in life cares a lot. I have seen otherwise in other places.

I love you. Happy Birthday sweetheart.