Sticking together


I returned from a trip in time to turn on the television and hear gunfire of accusations hurled at Susan Shaw for her ability as a fundraiser for Legacy Park. Now I have watched Susan Shaw’s at work and know her to be a gifted woman with an elegant, persuasive touch in the area of fundraising and public relations.

It was Jeff Jennings who shed light on this strange attack by reminding everyone that we had just heard the first salvos from the election guns aimed, not at Susan, but at council members who could be up for re-election. Just a reminder to all of us who vote! We have witnessed the strength of our local citizens when we have all worked together for the common good of the city. These last years have seen remarkable progress in three areas: defense of the environment and new parks; the Legacy Park Water System; and the defense of our coast and ocean waters in our opposition to the LNG proposal.

We have accomplished so much working together. Let’s not lose it now by using big city politics of innuendo and character assassination designed to sap our citizen vision and power with cheap election shots aimed at separating us.

Georgianna McBurney