Beach altercation


This past Monday morning, I was running with a friend on the beach along Malibu Road. Ahead of us was a woman walking with a loose dog in reasonable proximity to her. From what I could determine, this dog had the appearance of a pit bull, in whole or in part. All of a sudden, the dog charges us, coming within six inches of my leg, with a mouth full of teeth clenched and a growl befitting a dog about to attack. Needless to say, my running partner and I were scared senseless.

I yelled at the dog and told the lady in no uncertain terms to get her dog away from me. Few four-letter words were spared. Her comment was “What is your problem? My dog isn’t doing anything to you.” I advised her that dogs were not allowed on the beach, with or without a leash, and she said I was wrong. She indicated that she had lived on the beach since 1959 and she knew what she could or could not do.

Well, this lady either cannot read at all, cannot read English or has chosen to ignore the law. At every beach access point and in front of every lifeguard stand, it is posted that dogs are not allowed on any beach anywhere in Los Angeles County, with or without a leash (Section 17.12.290 LACC). On these same signs, it is posted no alcohol, no bonfires, no camping, no fireworks and no horses, with the appropriate sections cited.

If the fines were $1,000 per offense, rather than the $100 that currently exists, and the laws were enforced, maybe we would see fewer dogs on the beach.

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