Letter: Public Safety

It appears there are a few people in the community who are grossly misinformed about the proposed traffic improvements associated with the La Paz project for the intersection of PCH and Cross Creek Road. As I read the comment letters, it was apparent that around 200 of them were simply copies of a letter generated by one poorly informed activist.

This intersection has been a choke-point for westbound traffic since my first visit in 1977. As a longtime resident and member of the Malibu Public Works Commission, I would like to take this opportunity to state the facts.

In 2013, the PCH Malibu Safety study prepared by LSA identified this intersection as one of the most dangerous in the community. The proposed improvements to the PCH and Cross Creek intersection are about public safety on our roads for bicyclists, pedestrians and cars alike. This intersection will be upgraded without any taxpayer money. 

The removal of the sycamore tree is required in order to facilitate proper lane width. The tree sits on the Caltrans right-of-way property. A land survey conducted for the site shows the tree is completely on Caltrans property. 

La Paz representatives have met with Caltrans officials on multiple occasions to discuss the intersection improvement project and proposed a variety of alternative designs that would not necessitate the removal of the tree. Caltrans has rejected them all, maintaining that PCH is a highway and thus highway standards must be upheld for this project. 

As required by the City of Malibu, the sycamore removed will be replaced with 10 new sycamores.


No loss of parking on PCH will occur as a result of the intersection improvement project. The sycamore and the four eucalyptus trees closest to the intersection are within marked “No Parking” areas and have been for years. The boundaries of the no parking area are not being changed.

Upgrading and improving the intersection of PCH and Cross Creek will facilitate the creation of a bike lane and right turn lanes at this site.

The proposed road improvements are an overdue matter of public safety. 

Paul Grisanti

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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