Anthony ‘Tony’ DeVivo


Longtime Malibu resident Anthony “Tony” DeVivo died April 28. The son of Mary and Aniello DeVivo, he attended University High School and served as a second lieutenant and pilot in the Army Air Force. Following his discharge, DeVivo operated Tony’s Auto Service in Santa Monica until 1962. That year, he opened Malibu Sierra Realty at the mouth of Las Flores Canyon.

DeVivo had a range of interests and aptitudes. He was a skilled pilot, could run a bulldozer, repair a watch, broker a complex land deal, design and build a fire protection system and rehabilitate an animal.

DeVivo was married in 1950 to Marie Moss and helped to raise his stepson, Berk. In 1976, DeVivo married Earleen Strong, also a longtime Malibu resident and psychology professor at Valley College. She died just a few weeks before her husband. DeVivo is survived by his stepsons, Berk Moss and David Strong, stepdaughters Rachel Carroll and Rhoda Hoisington and seven grandchildren.