Letter: Selfish Politicians

Letter to the Editor

The past few days of news around the Woolsey Fire has me enraged. My house and our turtle hospital burned to the ground. (Turtles are safe.) But just this week, I learned that LA County and the City of Malibu are suing Southern California Edison. For what? They lost nothing—their buildings are still standing. Our tax dollars paid for all the fire support (none of which Malibu Park received). So, their greedy lawsuits will reduce the amount provided to the residents who suffered greatly with loss of life, homes and possessions. Now, we learned firefighters were distracted by political requests during Woolsey Fire. No wonder I sat at Zuma Beach all day and night during the evacuations, watching my house and many others burn to the ground with no firefighters in sight. These politicians and those who made such selfish requests for intervention need to be identified and jailed. 

Susan Tellem