Striangulation —

Tennessee to Kansas to Malibu

From Tennessee in ’25

To Kansas in ’99

The Dark Ages of reasoning

Refuse to fall in line

For Creationists there can be

Just the one accepted Book

The Bible is the only source

Genesis is all it took

For there’s the entire story

About how we came to be

Spelled out in some detail

For everyone to see

But wait, we have some problems

The Creationist’s worst fears

For a thorough search of Genesis

Turns up no 10,000 years

And then we have the skeleton

For those who truly believe

All male ribs can be accounted for

So where’s the one called Eve?

Could Genesis 2 be wrong

Eden’s built on shifting sand

When Genesis 1 is right

Where sea creatures first, then land

But that’s what evolution says

Life started in the sea

Then very slowly, through several steps

Arrived at you and me

For much as Creationists may hate it

Reading the Bible they could find

That Evolution is actually God’s plan

But that calls for an open mind.

They seem to be content

To spread the lie you see

That Evolutionists ever claimed

We descended from the monkey

In fact if apes could talk,

After hearing such stupidity

They might loudly shout

Descended from them could never be!

Wayne Estill

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