Olivia’s Closet: Holiday Shopping – Malibu Style

Black leather jacket by Iro, $475, at Planet Blue.

The most wonderful time of the year can become the most stressful when you can’t seem to find anything to gift friends and family. Nonstop Christmas music on the radio reminding you that the holidays are just around the corner doesn’t make things any better. Shopping in Malibu, however, does.

Many local stores are brimming with one-of-a-kind treasures that are sure to make perfect presents for those on your holiday gift list. For starters, head to Malibu Country Mart to check out the hand-stitched belts ($125)at Tylie Malibu, made of vintage fabric from Afghanistan. Each of the belts, which were spotted at a jewelry show by store manager Karin Cabe, has unique embroidering and embellishments, from antique coins and shells to metal studs, that make it a wearable piece of art.

At Planet Blue, just a few stores away, your problem won’t be finding a gift-it’ll be choosing one. A black leather jacket by Iro ($475), is a great addition to any wardrobe. Its versatility and edge will guarantee it doesn’t end up abandoned in the corner of the closet with the collection of hand-knitted sweaters from grandma.

If you’re set on buying jewelry, 25-year Malibu resident Denise James has got you covered. Her “New Moons” earrings ($200), bangles ($1,160), and pendants ($210) in silver are all available at Malibu Colony Company. The collection features a range of earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets in either silver or 18-karat gold. Some of these organically shaped circles feature diamonds, full-cut brilliants or rose-cuts, and custom orders are available.

It’s not always easy to shop for a guy, but one gift he can always use is the Dermalogica Shave Collection ($75). Available at Beauty Collection in Malibu Country Mart, the set features Dermalogica’s Daily Clean Scrub, Invigorating Shave Gel and Post Shave Balm with a Zadro Fogless Mirror.

Last but not least, a box of fine chocolates makes a sweet gift for anyone, especially one from ChocolateBox Café located at Malibu Lumber Yard. Boxes in soft leather ($70) or suede ($55) hold 25 to 30 pieces of the venue’s signature ganaches, truffles, classic French pralines, calorie-conscious cream buttermilks and savory marzipans. The ganaches can also be personalized with a custom design or letter, which look so pretty it’s almost a shame to eat them.

So shop locally. And remember that in Malibu, it’s always the most wonderful time of the year. Happy Holidays.