Tola gets festive

From left: Tola founder and CEO Laura Doughty, Alaina Calise, Lydia Olson and Alicia Waite

Malibu’s Tola Life Spa had a strong presence at the Sundance Film Festival, which took place in Park City, Utah from Jan. 17-27. Tola was stationed in the master bedroom of The Green Lodge, an eco-friendly house set up for the festival. The master closet was turned into a massage room. The hydrotherm massage was the most popular. A pipe and drape area was set up to provide for facials.

Upon entering the suite, the guests stepped into the changing area, where they were provided with bamboo robes. They then stepped into the main room, where they were offered a footbath. During the footbath, the guests filled out elemental questionnaires that allowed the people from Tola to determine their element (infinity, air, fire, water or earth). With that information,Tola then took the guests on a sensory journey, where they smelled three essential oils based on their element, and those oils were used in the footbath and throughout their treatment, making their therapeutic experience customized specifically for them.

The room was filled with warm candles and relaxing music, and accented with bamboo and rice paper draped from the ceiling. Guests were offered a full hour so they could have a full experience with their treatment. Mini-treatments of 30 minutes, as well as foot baths and chair massages, were offered for those who couldn’t fit the longer version into the schedule.