Blog: Iguanas Falling From Trees

Burt Ross

Let’s be honest with each other. If it weren’t for the perfect weather we enjoy here, how many of us would still be living in Malibu? Let me put it another way, if by some horrible quirk of fate, Malibu ended up with North Dakota’s weather, would we still live here? I believe most of us would get out of Dodge City real pronto, although a few surfers might remain. But thank God we don’t have to go anywhere, because our weather is simply ideal.

Recently I enjoyed my Christmas dinner outside on the patio. I wore a short sleeve t-shirt, and I could not have been more comfortable. Because I am a curious person, I checked to see how other of my countrymen were faring weather wise on Christmas Day. The answer in a nutshell was “not so good.”

Many parts of the country were blanketed with snow, freezing temperatures, and more rain than we’ve gotten in the past eight months. Back where I come from in New Jersey, there was flooding and gusts of 50 miles per hour. Many of my friends lost power as branches from those majestic oaks and maples fell on power lines. The rain turned the snow into slush.

The weather was so cold in Florida, brace yourselves for what I am about to tell you, iguanas were falling from the trees. This surprised me greatly since I had no idea that iguanas grew on trees. In any case, the newspapers reported that the iguanas fell from trees but were not dead. I guess that was good news for the iguanas.

And so when we worry about fires and earthquakes, just remember one thing—at least we don’t have iguanas falling on our heads.