Photos: Making the Beach Beautiful

Stephan Tso and Quinn Graham head out to clean up the beaches during Clean Up Day.

Malibu youth hit the beach on the warm, sunny Saturday morning, Feb. 25, but this time it was more work than play.

Twenty-five people volunteered to clean up trash from Zuma Beach last weekend in an event sponsored by the City of Malibu Harry Barovsky Memorial Youth Commission, in partnership with Santa Monica-based nonprofit Heal the Bay.

According to final counts from the city, volunteers collected a total of 1,012 pieces of debris from the Tower 1 area of Zuma, including:

55 beverage containers

506 pieces of plastic

60 smoking-related items

305 pieces of polystyrene (Styrofoam)

13 metal items

70 paper items

3 medical/other items

Volunteers took notes of debris collected to contribute to Heal the Bay’s Marine Debris Database, described as an online record of trash and other debris removed from local beaches by volunteer groups.