Letter: Honest Citizen

Letter to the Editor

The other day I was at the local stores on Point Dume where I had just purchased some groceries. Before I returned home (and less than a half hour later), my wife got a call from a person inquiring whether someone with my name lived there. Being somewhat suspicious, she answered yes, and then was pleasantly surprised by this gentleman who said he’d found my wallet in the parking lot and would be happy to bring it up to our house. Her reply was, “yes, of course, please do.”

Minutes later, a young man showed up and handed over the wallet. We chatted for a while and shortly thereafter, he left. This fellow struck me as being honest as the day is long. After he left, I checked the wallet for content. Sure enough, everything was still there, including $60-$70 in cash, three credit cards, miscellaneous ID cards and, most important of all, my driver’s license.

In this day and age, there are still good, honest guys out there.

Ken Blizzard