Something to crow about


    To my dear neighbor Andy Stern:

    Rumor around the chicken coop next door to your house is that the Malibu Planning Commission was discussing getting rid of us Malibu roosters, as well as some of the other neighborhood animals that have enjoyed residing here for a very long time. We wanted to thank you for coming to our aid and in defense of our right to live with you.

    We roosters know that we sometimes make more noise than some people want to hear but we are the heart and soul of why most of you people moved out the Malibu, for the feel of rural life. And with the feel of rural life sometimes comes the smells and sounds of rural life.

    Thank you Andy for speaking up for us little guys; the pot bellied pigs, the goats, the ducks, the turkeys, the hens, the rabbits, the pigeons, the iguanas, the donkeys, the sheep and the horses have been talking nonstop about you! Without us roosters the hens would continue to be carried off by the hawks. Life without animals would be colorless and citified.

    We’ll continue to do our best to let you sleep and please accept (as a token of our highest esteem for you) these eggs that our hens laid. There’s lots more for friends like you!

    Our best to you and your family.

    Chocolate Swirl and Igor (the roosters next door); Sally, Daffy, Veronica, Little Red Hen, Cream Cheese, Gertie, Rascal, Baby Red (the hens next door) and Strawberry, Patti-Ann and Wendy (the goats next door); Blindness, Santa, Wheezy and Snowball (the rabbits next door) and all the other animals of Malibu.