Child Abduction Attempt Roils The Point – PCH Repair On Hold Over Bike Concerns – Winds Wind Down


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This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News.

The headlines:

    • An attempted child abduction on Point Dume.
    • Caltrans delays … again … fixing the landslide at Escondido Beach.
    • US government jets buzz Santa Monica. 
    • Malibu kids get named to the Frontier League honors squads. 

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Good morning …. I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


Malibu kids and parents are warned. … of an attempted child abduction.

Social media lit up 36 hours ago about the attempt of a man … who was scared off as he tried to convince a teenaged girl to get into his car.

This was Wednesday afternoon … near the shopping center on Point Dume.

The student was walking to her home on Wandermere Drive from the grocery store. 

A man with a bald head and beard … drove to the girl in a navy blue S-Class Mercedes sedan with no plates.  

According to reports … the man gave the girl a pretext to get in the car … she refused … someone spotted this … the driver got spooked … flipped a turn and sped off.

Malibu High School has sent a letter out … warning parents. 

The school asked parents to remind their children …. 

·         Don’t walk away with any adult you do not know.

·         Use the Buddy System whenever possible.

·         No adult ever needs the help of a student.

·         Avoid getting into a car with a stranger at all cost.


With great fanfare three months ago … Caltrans announced it was a $5.2 million repair job on a section of Pacific Coast Highway where the road is falling towards the ocean.

We’re talking about the noticeable slump in the pavement on PCH eastbound past Escondido Creek.

An active landslide has cause the pavement to drop three or 4 inches towards a vertical concrete wall that carries PCH above beachfront homes.

The center median was removed … a construction yard was set up at the corner of Latino Canyon Road … and speed limit reduction signs were put up.

Since then … nothing … three months of nothing.

Caltrans spokesman tells KBUU News that it’s the detour that is causing the delays.

The plan was to take away the shoulder and squeeze all four lanes up against the hillside.

But as KBUU News pointed out … this will remove any place for pedestrians or bicyclists to go up or down the hill.

Caltrans says details of the traffic pattern are being reviewed and discussed to provide for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians … while the work is being done.

As of today … caltrans has no time estimate available regarding when the public will see workers and machinery at the project site.

Until Caltrans can figure out a solution to this problem … the big reconstruction project is on hold.


Yesterdays strong winds did not stir up any major expansion at the Thomas fire … 35 miles up the coast from Malibu.

And final evacuation orders in Santa Barbara County were lifted yesterday morning.

Fire crews yesterday concentrated on setting backfires to contain the fire’s spread in the backcountry … along Highway 33 in northern Ventura County.

The Thomas fire has now burned 272 Thousand 600 acres of land it is 65% contained.

Firefighting operations continue …  as hotspots need to be dug out and extinguished to prevent future flareups.


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People who near the Santa Monica Airport flooded City offices with complaints Wednesday night.

Low flying jets were buzzing their neighborhoods… the Santa Monica Lookout newspaper reports.

That was odd.

The airport was supposed to be shut down for construction crews to installed new striping and lights … as the runway is being cut 25 percent to prevent business jets for landing.

And the Jets were low.

Santa Monica officials raced out the airport to see what was going on.

Turns out … it was the FAA flying the jets.

Federal safety officials were looking at the new installation to make sure pilots would be able to see it.

The Santa Monica Lookout reports Government officials apologized for failing to warn westside residents that jets would be strafing their neighborhoods.

Santa Monica Airport is to reopen next week with this runway chopped to 35-hundred feet.

It’s the closest airport to Malibu.


Some major athletic awards have been granted to Malibu High by the Frontier League schools … in high they compete. 

The league’s Most Valuable Player this year is Francesca Gettings of Malibu .

And the coach of the year is Chris Neir.

Sharks volleyball players Halle Detrixhe and Josie Bassett made the Frontier league volleyball First Team awards. 

In football… seven players from the Malibu High squad made it to the First Team …. according to the Ventura County Star.

They are Elijaah Bryant, Eddie Godoy, Chase Kapler, Dane Kapler, Daniel Rafeedie, Louis Trall, and Eric Truschke.

They all made the Frontier League First Team for football.


Weather for the Malibu.

Red Flag Warnings expire at 10 this morning … then … there are NO big winds predicted for the next 7 days. 

Today … sunny with a high of ((( 64 ))) today on the beach … ((( 64  ))) in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Winds could gust as high as 20 mph over the mountains this morning ..… but then the Santa Anas will be over.

We may get down coast breezes of 20 mph this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at ((( 4:43. ))).

After that …. a cold night.

Lows ((( down to 42  ))) at the beach … down to (((  41 ))) in some canyons.

Tomorrow should be ((( also cool … but sunny and NO BIG WINDS ))).

This morning at 7 … at Trancas it was (((  53 degrees  ))).

Upper Malibu Canyon … (((  48. ))).

And at Civic Center Los Angeles ((( 40  ))).

In the ocean … ((( 57 )))) in the water at Trancas Tower 14.

Waves today are (((    ))) feet high.

There is a potential swell coming down the coast from the west .

… says the lifeguards. ))).

(((( Tide is



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