Agenda: Discussion on Next Week’s City Council Meeting on Sept. 11



  • Proclamation Declaring September 17-September 23, 2023 Constitution Week
  • Presentation on Fire Season Preparedness
  • Presentation on Coastal Vulnerability Project

Previously Discussed: 

  1. Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 509

Ordinances and Public Hearings

  • An amendment to Title 17 (Zoning) of the Malibu Municipal Code and the Local Coastal Program to Update Regulations Related to Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Coastal Development Permit No. 20-068, Site Plan Review No. 21-009, and Demolition Permit No. 20-028 – An application to demolish an existing single-family residence and construct a new single-family residence, second unit and associated development

Old Business:

  1. Woolsey Fire Fee Waiver Program and Rebuild Deadlines.

New Business:

  1. A. Outdoor Warning Sirens System
  2. Development Services Review Report. Recommended Action: 1) Receive a presentation on outdoor warning sirens; and 2) Provide directions to staff regarding the implementation of an outdoor warning system.
  3. B. Code Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee. Recommended Action: 1) Consider forming a Code Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee, and 2) Direct the Code Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee to work with the City Manager and City Attorney to review the City’s code enforcement fines and penalties and provide recommendations back to City Council.

Council Items: 


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