A-List local and hot costar back after vaycay

Executive Producer Julia Roberts and George Clooney attend as Universal Pictures presents the LA premiere of Ticket to Paradise at the Regency Village Theatre on Monday, October 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Tyler Curtis/ABImages.

They are two of the most beloved and bankable stars in Hollywood. Now, the beauty with her megawatt smile Julia Roberts and seriously sexy co-star George Clooney are taking off once again. The undeniable stunning couple are teaming up once again in a new, sure-to-please flick called “Ticket to Paradise.” 

The collaboration came in an informal conversation after both received scripts at the same time, and the two were on the phone minutes later. “You up for it?” Clooney inquired. “I guess so,” said Roberts. “You?” “If you are. I am.” And the deal was sealed. Julia and George mean box office gold, let alone a feast for the eyes. 

Believe it or not, this is Julia’s first rom-com in 20 years and her sixth collaboration with Clooney. Put the two together and you have movie magic.

In this latest celluloid endeavor, they play an edgy, divorced couple who end up on the same airline row on the way to their daughter’s impending wedding. Laughs and sabotage ensue. 

In real life, Julia shares 17-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Henry with lensman Danny Moderwhile. George gets in on the baby fun with 5-year-old twins Ella and Alexander with human rights advocate Amal Clooney.

Julia’s career is as unique as her high cheekbones: She went from dishwasher to superstar in the ultimate chick flick “Pretty Woman.” The film was a blockbuster grossing $454 million. For Julia, the work just kept on coming: Films like “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” and “Runaway Bride.”

Next came a show of her serious side in “Erin Brockovich,” which earned her an Academy Award.

As for Clooney, he started off on television, eventually working his way up to the role of hospital hottie Dr. Doug Ross on the hit series “ER.” The small screen led to the big screen with movies like “Leatherheads” and “Oh

Brother Where Art Thou?” He made his directorial debut with his spy thriller “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” He since directed the historical drama “Good Night and Good Luck.”

He received the Academy Award for the political thriller “Argo.” He has ALSO served as one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace. He is noted for his political and economic activism and won the prestigious American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award.

It may not be a romantic comedy, but George and Julia have been seen in theaters in the heist series “Ocean’s Eleven.” So if their new film is a sensation or a snub, “Ticket to Paradise” should be an ocean full of fun.