102 students celebrated at Malibu High School’s graduation 

102 students were celebrated at Malibu High School’s graduation last week on Tuesday, June 11. Photos by Samantha Bravo/TMT.

Leah Isaacs was remembered and honored with her classmates 

On Tuesday, June 11, 102 Malibu High School students walked on the athletic field one last time to receive their 2024 diplomas. 

The ceremony began with performances and speeches made by members of the Class of 2024. 

To start off, the late Leah Isaacs was honored by graduating senior Thomas Drummond. 

“Leah was trully a joy to be around with her contagious laughter and her silly little sayings, from laughing with her to crying without her, I never expected to see myself and my classmates graduate without her, always a smile on her face,” Drummond said. “She touched so many people’s hearts, and was incredibly welcoming to everyone around her.”

On Monday, June 5, 2023, 16-year-old Leah passed away, just days before last year’s graduating class. This was the loss of a beautiful and remarkable daughter and friend. While Leah could have graduated this year with her classmates, her friends acknowledged her absence and honored her presence. 

“Today’s a celebration though, a celebration of her graduating class, her presence lives on through our class and everyone who has chosen to remember her legacy, her dancing spirit will live on forever and a part of her will be with Malibu and the 2024 graduates for the rest of our lives,” Drummond said. 

Drummond then asked the audience to stand for the singing in the national anthem. 

Malibu High School Band and Choir graduating seniors performed “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 and “I Lived,” by One Republic.

Micah Fong, Cecilia Casas, Katie Dahm, Makenna Samsel, and Felix De Raspide Ross presented inspiring speeches.

“Today’s the day we get to make a name for ourselves, follow our dreams and only settle once we accomplish them,” De Raspide Ross said. “Here we are together, sharing this moment. Let’s appreciate each other, because very soon, we’ll lose the chance to do so.”

“I’m going to live my best life, chancing happiness, pride, and fulfillment,” De Raspide Ross said. “I’ve got a lot of love to give to the world and I hope you all of you feel the same, because love is what keeps us going.”

“My name is Felix De Raspide Ross, and I’m proud to have graduated from Malibu High School; I’ll never forget what this place and, more specifically, the people have done for me, the teachers, the students, the staff, Mr. Miller — the whole Malibu gang. My life begins a new every day I wake up, it’s always just beginning. Tomorrow, I wake up a high school graduate, but that won’t change the love I’ve got to give; after all, it’s the same I had yesterday, thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said. 

Malibu High School Principal Patrick Miller presented the Class of 2024. 

“Leadership is about making the right choice at the right time, doing so will inspire others to follow you,” Miller said. 

Students were asked to line up to accept their diplomas. Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District board members in attendance included Board President Jennifer Smith, Board Vice President Jon Jean, Superintendent Dr. Antonio Shelton, Deputy Superintendent Mark Kelly, and many more. 

After receiving their diplomas, Miller asked the graduates to stand and to move their tassels to complete their commencement. 

“It is my distinct honor to present to you the graduates of Malibu High School Class of 2024!” Miller shouted.